Myths of Taborea

On 08/20/18, the level of the server goes up to 60, the northern Janost forest, Raksha Temple is opened, new zone PvP lvl 60.

Server maintenance at 09:00 CET and it will take around 1h.
  • Level up to 60
  • Northern Janost Forest map open
  • Instance Raksha Temple open
  • New sets and new weapons in Hard mode
  • Griffith drop 1 Proof of Myths

Tomorrow 05.26 there will be maintenance to implement new patch
Server maintenance at 09:00 CET and it will take around 2h.

With the new patch comes a big change, now it will have a folder in \documents called \ROM myths.
Where from now on you will save your macros, interface and configuration of game addons.
Before going to play, copy the files that are in the \Documents\Runes of Magic folder inside the
\Documents\ROM myths folder, so you will not lose the interface configuration, adoons,...
Lamentamos comunicarles que hemos tenido un problema con los cambios que hemos implantado hoy, y algunos de los objetos tanto de equipos, artículos de tienda, baúles de casa… están desapareciendo.
Tenemos diferentes Back Up del mismo día y vamos a realizar un reinicio de emergencia para recuperar todos los ítems perdidos.
Lamentamos profundamente los problemas que estamos provocando, y por el progreso perdido en el día de hoy.
El servidor permanecerá cerrado durante un breve periodo de...
Tomorrow will be held the scheduled server maintenance at 15:00 CET and will take about 1 h.

There will be no patch, it's just a server maintenance.
Special promotion in Myths of Taborea.

Do you want to explore our vast world of Taborea, are you playing on a server where they do not listen to you?
Now you have the unique opportunity to be able to enter to play with a character with lvl 55 and fully Gear to go for instances.

One Pack will be delivered to everyone who asks for it. Only 1 per Account / Mac / Mail.

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