Myths of Taborea

Special promotion in Myths of Taborea.

Do you want to explore our vast world of Taborea, are you playing on a server where they do not listen to you?
Now you have the unique opportunity to be able to enter to play with a character with lvl 55 and fully Gear to go for instances.

One Pack will be delivered to everyone who asks for it. Only 1 per Account / Mac / Mail.

1 - You are new, create an account at: Sign up | Adeptgamer
2 -...
Server maintenance at 09:00 CET and it will take around 1h.

  • Hos (easy) is implemented to be done as many times as you wish.
  • The site wars will be activated again.
Download Runes of Magic - Myths of Taborea
New Client Complete: v2.2.2.1512

This is a manual patch to convert any runes client to our client v2.2.2.1512
Manual Patch all Clients: to v2.2.2.1512
New compensation for new players:
Now when you create a new character and open magic package, you will get:
The mount is random among 15 different (1 of them is permanent).
A buff that Increased XP and TP x50% during 7 days in missions.

Players who have already created a character and...
After a long wait we have a date for when we will re-open the server for beta testing, and then re-open it officially if no issues are found.

The server will re-open this Saturday for a brief beta to make sure all the major issues were ironed out with our update, and to make sure there are no issues with custom content being re-added to this new version of the server. The beta will last for Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday if there are no issues that need to be dealt with, we will re-open...
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