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  1. Space/Asna
  2. xpoircool
  3. Dryadia
    Dryadia Vythika
    Hiya Vith! Ancient Shadow Festival is going on now in Wynnadia!
    Hope to cya there!
  4. Haunted9
    Working on actually leveling my character up and paranoid im gonna get a road ancient X"D
  5. Emikzen
  6. 6analeky
  7. Bashir Bitar
    Bashir Bitar
    play dragons prophet
  8. Dryadia
    Dryadia Kodawolf
    Hi Koda, I still don't have my PC set up, (i'm on BF's laptop to message you). Hopefully tomorrow i'll get a chance to set it up. We had to make a 2nd trip with moving truck, and my desk and chair are still on the truck. ;/
  9. Hope
    Hope Seiichi
    hey i got a payment problem and dont know how i can contract any support for it ^^
  10. DieonorTies
  11. saltaxer
    halay başı
  12. AeslorenNied
  13. TeimalJienes
  14. AiensorLieron
  15. JamensonTrior
  16. LiesongWiers
  17. PeridosHiegh
  18. filambhai
  19. DiesonShoirt
  20. BoetaDipenare
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