Modifications and Improvements of the server.

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    These are the changes and improvements implemented in the server.


    Autoshot: Now it does not consume Arrows. Removed Agility multiplier.
    Joint Blow: Now +0.6% Damage
    Wind Arrows: Now +2.5% Damage

    Shot: Now +2.2% Damage
    Combo Shot: Now +2% Damage

    Shot: Now +2.2% Damage. Removed Agility multiplier
    Combo Shot: Now +2.2% Damage
    Entling Offering: Now +2.5% Damage
    Thorn Arrow: now it can be used without "Briar Shield", damage not changed

    Battle Instinct: Changed rage from 30 to 15 points

    Shot: Now +2.2% Damage

    Slaughter Blessing: Changed Time use from 15 to 30 sec.
    Hysteric Vengeance: Now +10% energy regeneration skill lvl.
    Poison Shroud: Changed casting, now instant, cooldown of 15 to 5 sec,
    Ticks of + 1.5% damage and dark damage now multiplier by wisdom increase +0.1%,
    Before skill in a zone, now skill to the target.

    Earth Pulse: Changed multiplier of intelligence to wisdom and multiplier increase + 3%,
    Now + 1.7% damage and +50% damage NPCs, cooldown to 3 sec.

    Explosion of Fighting Spirit: Changed rage from 30 to 20 points
    Fire Fairy buff -> Accuracy Halo: +5 rage every 2 sec.

    Rising Tide: Now it's instantaneous and with 1sec. of cooldown

    Warrior/Warden - Warden/Warrior
    Charged Chop: Removed the force multiplier

    Holy Power Explosion: Changed from 10% to 20% of aggro

    Psychic Arrows: Changed receive 1 psi to 2 psi.

    Chain Drive: Changed the damage caused by Runic Pulse from +20% to +1% damage and Aggro from 10% to 1.5%

    Regeneration Sigil: added that also regenerate mana

    Wind Spirit Power: cooldown modified from 4 to 7sec.
    Wind Death: max. buffs changed from 50 to 30.

    Removed for the moment Runes Enigma, Judge and massacre.

    When you start with a new character and open the Magic Batch, you will now get:
    - 1 random mount (7 days) among 15 possible, possibility of 1 permanent mount
    - Mount speed potion (7 days)
    - Backpack Package(7 days)

    New crossbow, Shotgun of Higía.
    1065 physical damage, 25 magic damage, -2% aggro, + 1% cures, Deployed to drop the Androlier
    Peril Buster Dagger: now gives Magic Projecting dart
    Magic Projecting dart: modified at lv 55 and 107 damage and not disappear when disconnecting
    Runic Thorn: now not disappear when disconnecting
    Experimental Wings: can come out with durability, +10 all stats and rarity changed to orange.
    Demon Heart Wand: release it aosniya in ds. from primary hand to secondary hand and 510 magical damage.
    Shield of Confession: released by the balothar chest in zs, 180 magical damage, 380 healing points.
    Rescure's Anger: blue object in bags of bolintia, lowered the magic damage
    Rescure's Blessing: blue object in bags of bolintia, lowered the magic damage
    Certification Cape: changed to purple and now gives yellow stats I, Sell Bonk Tendin in varanas.
    Flame Dragon's Remnant Soul: changed the yellow stat, Intel/Pm to Res/Sab of the dragon
    Soul Lodging Staff: now lv 55, gives yellow stats VII
    Elemental Flame Robe: correctly modified to magic damage.
    Holy Tree Crown: correctly modified to magic damage.
    Thunder sword: Deliya droop, 160 crit. f., 160 block, red stat [Seal of Outburst VII].
    Phiruis Shell: now the drop in bosses is for the whole party
    Phirius Token Coin: modified from 1000 to 5000 the stack.
    Golden Egg: now it is tradeable and not linked.
    Guard Dog Meat: now they can be stored in the chest.
    Fresh Snake Blood: now for everyone in party. the naga leader drops it.
    Special Rune Feed: now it gives what it says in the description, Training +3, Nourishment +10, Experience +30
    Phoenix's Redemption (1 Day): now works well, you can use it for a whole day.
    Mini Flying Runic Disck: new, +75% speed, smaller and different effect.
    New weapons Skins: 3 shields, 3 bows, 3 type pistols (bow, crossbow, 1 hand) and 1 crossbow.
    Implemented in the shop of articles by Phirius Token Coin, the Advanced Bind Lifter and 2 Mounts

    PvP Pack: It give you 1 item:
    All Runes III, Guild items, All Phirius Potions, Arcane Transmutator Charge, Magical Wine, Universal potion, Potions Hp/Mp, Fusion Crystal Sand, Cherry Pumpkin Pie, Delicious Pumpkin Rice, Frogster Coin, Phirius Shell, Ancient Memento, Coin of Power, Honor Point.

    Mounts modified to 75% speed:
    Snowflake Mount
    Colored Snowflake Mount
    Sugar Snow Cookie Mount
    Chocolate Cookie Mount
    Kitsune Mount: see hidden players

    Modified foods to 2 sec cooldown:
    Caviar Sandwich
    Garlic Bread with Herbs
    Magic Fruit Pie
    Moti Blended Sausage

    Changed the % of the respawn of the mobs by X killed: + 10% / + 20%

    Naga Leader: Changed all attributes, HP, attack, defences, now drops Fresh Snake Blood
    Androlier: Changed all attributes to x1,5%. added drop Shotgun of Higía
    Changed the Buff that the spheres give to Androlier of + 5% attack to + 1% attack
    Inferno Guard Dog: now it is not linked to the mission, drop Guard Dog Meat always.
    Mandala: Changed all attributes to x1,5%
    Kajir: Changed all attributes to x1,5%

    Mobs of the instances: Kalin, normal ocean, origin, normal hos, zs and ds Changed all attributes to x2, HP, attack, defences.
    Instance bosses: Kalin, treasure, dwarf, cyclops and ocean bosses: 1st Bloodthirsty Claw, 2nd Teeth of the reef, 4th Geba, now they throw the purple item with 60% probability.

    2 mobs of Ravenfell, now they give green stats X: Fierce pirate Revenant and Ghost Town Revenant.

    Golem Gabro
    Golem Gabro furious
    Skills: Breath of Decadence when entering combat, Blood Infection during combat.
    Rock wasp: ads of the bosses, skill ad Golem gabro: Bitterness, Skills ad Golem gabro furious: Bitterness and wind spirit Power

    Drop Golem Gabro: equipment Ralte and equipment Heal Origin, ancient mementos, Phiruis Shell...
    Drop Golem Gabro furious: Fire dragon weapons and magic cape, blue weapons with yellow stats VII, items to make Gestero jewelry, ancient mementos, Phiruis Shell...


    Valentine Blessing: Automatically sells item Blessing of the god of flowers x 999 gold, appear occasionally.
    Sir Wheel of Fortune: gives you automatic 1 spin a day, for the roulette of the article store
    Buffer: He sells you x 50,000 gold, buffs to go for instance.
    - Enhanced Grace of live, Amplified Attack, Embrace of the Water Spirit, Savage Blessing, Concentration Prayer, Magic Barrier, Sublimation Weave Curse.
    Handmaiden: You can put your purified fusion stones inside a gift box of purified fusion stones, x 1 diamond the puri.
    - You have to have only 1 box and at most 19 puris.
    - He also exchanges Coins of Power for Honor Points.
    Jamie: exchange 1 legendary treasure key and 1 frogster coin for 1 gasha of the 7th anniversary.
    Kekonne: enter the minigame of the boxes and exchange items from the minigame.
    Anniversary Event Host: exchange 7 certificates of celebration for special items of the article store.

    2 NPCs xaviera changed to not crash the area

    Dyna - archaeologist: varanas, items added:
    all items from the food shop of ancient memento
    Master's simple repair hammer
    Simple repair hammer
    phirius potion bag
    Badge of the trial

    Hyde Shilen: Wepping Coast, added items:
    3 items for priest / warrior,
    Labyrinth philosopher's Cloak
    Labyrinth belt of neutrality
    Labyrinth Leggings of Retribution

    Bonk Tendin: varanas, added items:
    Certification Cape (yellow stats I)
    1 Phirius shell x 5 Ancient Mementos
    1 Ancient Memento x 5 Phirius shells
    Adventure picnic bag

    These NPCs can change what they give according to events:
    Hilary: Exchange x times, 25 phirius potions type A for 1 Enhanced superior talent Charm.
    Eve: Exchange x times, 100 Phirius Token Coin for 1 Bag of Runes, 1 Mysterious Rune Bag runes and 1 Mystery fragment.
    Frank: Exchange x times, 350 Phirius Token Coin per 1 Purified Fusion Stone and 1 Golden Rapation Hammer.
    Owenstein: Exchange x times, 2 Staring Eyes for 75 Phirius Token Coin.
    Sophia: Gives you 1 Anniversary Gasha, every day.
    Tina: Gives you 1 Silvery Snowflake Festival Stocking, every day.
    Violet: Gives you 2 Ancient Treasure keys, 1 Little Raindeer's Package and 1 Andrew's Gift Package, every day.
    Evangeline: Gives you 1 Golden Snowflakes Festival Package and 1 Ancient Treasure key, every day.

    Npcs of PvP equipment store according to game lvl.
    Olimpia: sells 3 pieces of equipment of lvl 50 and 55.
    Helena: sells 2 pieces of equipment of lvl 50 and 55.
    Gabriela: sells 2 pieces of equipment of lvl 50 and 55.
    Burkhle: sells 3 pieces of equipment of lvl 60 and 65.
    Steyat: sells 2 pieces of equipment of lvl 60 and 65.
    Pelard: sells 2 pieces of equipment of lvl 60 and 65.

    Npcs added in the resurrection areas of instances to be able to repair, sell and buy potions and ammunition.

    Ruins of the Ancient Treasures:
    Ancient Treasure Chest added: Added, Kibensty's Oath Necklace and Henolid's Pulse Ring
    Jade Treasure Chest added: Increased possibility of better runes I, II, III.

    Added in the 4 chests of the end according to lv:
    Green recipes, for equipment, weapons lv 46-54, and Raw material lv 41-46.
    Recipe - Laor Forest Tart
    Recipe - Dinner of the Gods
    Recipe - Serenstum
    Recipe - Doom's Banquet
    Recipe - Hero Potion
    Recipe - Exquisite Cocoa ShortBead

    Tempest Height:
    It has been modified at the server level, the chests disappear by time so that the fps do not lower in the zone,
    And a new schedule has been added, now you can enter in the morning, afternoon and evening.

    New Instances:
    Cavern of Trial Lv 50: 10 waves of mobs with a boss in the center, drop and modified chest. the chest can give experimental wings with HD to whoever opens it and random gold.
    Queen's Chamber lv 55: 10 waves of mobs with a boss in the center, when killing the last mob of the cave of tests of lv 50 a portal will appear to enter, new mobs, drop and chest,
    the chest can give, Experimental wings Package unlinked, to whoever opens it, You can sell it or open it so you can get your wings out with HD and random gold.
    The last boss Deliya, droop Thunder sword.
    These 2 instances you have to do them in less than 3 hours or they will restart.

    3 options to activate the pvp in the area chosen by the GM, 1 all against all, 2 partys, 3 party and guilds.
    Now killing another player recives honor points.

    New NPC to teleport to the new PvP zone by lv of player.

    New PvP area:
    PvP area according to Player's lvl, --> 50-54, 55-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99.
    In this zone you can kill the other Pjs, and they will give you Honor Points,
    You will also lose Honor Points that you have in your backpack or transmutator when you die.
    When killing mobs receive Power Coins that you can change for Honor Points.
    Drop in this area is random, there are mobs that drop and others do not, but almost all of them will drop a Mysterious Bag on the ground.
    The Mystery Bag can give you the PvP Pack, crafting runes, potions.

    New PvP Arenas:
    2 vs 2, Win the group that kills 3 opponents first.
    King of Warnorken, enter 4 players and wins the last one alive.
    Crystal Arena: configured for 12 players, 2 groups of 6,
    In this arena you have to get 3000 points to win, there are different ways to collect points,
    By capturing a Crystal, by killing the enemy, by capturing the enemy rune and taking it to your base.
    You can also obtain merits: by killing mobs, by killing the enemy, by capturing a crystal, by capturing the enemy rune and taking it to your base and by using the mysterious artefact.
    With these merits you can buy in the store that is near each crystal. Different towers as in the site wars, these towers can not be upgraded.
    Defend the captured crystals with the towers, and try to capture the enemy rune that is in its starting base.

    Siege Wars:
    Activated, you could enter the wars 6 times a day, but only 1 will give the reward.
    Fixed bug of the doors, now the doors will not turn.
    Modified, life, defenses of the structures, guards, siege vehicles. For a siege war, (not so much full dps).

    Bolinthya Rift:
    Fixed bug when killing the final boss, you will not stay motionless.
    Fixed bug of the doors, now the doors will not turn.
    Fixed bug exit through the portal.

    Textures Modifications:
    New textures have been implemented in most of the maps, for a greater fluidity of the game and to improve the visual content of the game.
    New storage chest with 40 spaces.
    New storage chest with 60 spaces and 10tp in the house.

    Modified the halloween event so that no elements and zodiacal crystal.
    Modified Christmas event so that no elements and zodiacal crystal.
    Modified at the moment, there will be no maidens in the houses. >Implemented in lvl 60.
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    New skills implemented: 12.30.17

    - Warlock can now use shield. Added in the skill <ill Will>.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Priest will be changed 2 skills.
    Skill <Ice Fog rank1> is now an attack skill.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Skill <Ice Frog rank2> is now a skill that regenerates mana the group.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Priest / Warrior has changed the skill <Power Build-Up> to passive.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    - New instance has been made, to farm Ancient Mementos.
    - This instance only allow 6 members party, if you are on a raid with more players you wont be able to join instance, expel the remaining members.
    - It is not allowed to enter instance if you go mount.
    - Minimum level necessary to enter: 55
    - When killing the mob / boss, it will automatically give each member of the group:
    50 TP
    50 Gold
    1 Ancient memento
    -- Future updates of this instance: random mob / boss when entering --

    - Priest / Warrior: Now can equip chainmail.
    The use of chain is activated by obtaining the elite lvl 35.

    - The Equipment Attribute-Purifying Stone was added in the shop permanently.

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    - Mage:
    The Elemental Catalysis skill has been modified, now it also gives +40% spellcasting speed.

    Next patch the description will be implemented.
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    The instance has been modified to be able to farm, mementos, tiers ...
    Go to Obsidian to enter, see video.
    These are the possible bosses that can come out
    Lookout Luke
    Snow Blake
    Paraponera clavata
    Teeth of the Reef - easy
    Geba - easy
    Medusa - easy

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    New content added until the date 10.12.2018.
    • The Tiers extractor machine will be implemented at the Obsidian entrance.
    • New translations are added in, Spanish, English, German, French.
    • Raksha Temple (lvl 60) Hard mode 12 players, new weapons and Sets.
    • Forsaken abbey (lvl 62), for when we are at those levels.
    • Powerful Pet Growth Potion in Wheel of Fortune, added in item store.
    • Instruments added in item store.
    • 3 chests in the shape of Japanese lucky cats. 20 spaces and 5 TPs, added in item store.
    • Golden Cavy detector. 25% chance to get a Golden Cavy when killing mobs for 1 hour, added in item store.
    • Wodjin, Hackman and Griffith drop 1 Proof of Myths.
    • The icon and color of item taborea coin have been changed.
    • All instances returned to normal, except warnorken, the bosses have a little more HP.
    • Fixed some problems.
    Changes in Siege Wars, now the Siege Wars can be done every 4 hours, and all Siege Wars, there will be rewards. Badges of the Trial, honor points and packs of war.
    • Draw in Siege Wars, now give 8 Badges of the Trial, 800 Honor points and 3 purple war packs.
    • Win, will continue to giving 13 Badges of the Trial, 1300 Honor points and 5 purple war packs to the top 10 in the ranking. But to the other players, if the sum of the total points of all the players in the war, does not exceed the total score of the war, it will give them 13 Badges of the Trialalso, but 800 Honor points and 3 purple war packs.
    • Losing, will continue giving 5 Badges of the Trial, 500 Honor points and 3 blue war packs.

    Tiers extractor machine


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    due to the number of wars that are made, and the amount of experience spheres that are obtained, the level required in the NPC wheel of fortune has changed to lvl 50/50.
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    nice ty
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