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    To help with a lot of the creative side of things we have a number of people who are not staff, but do things to help us get things done, plan for the future, or prepare for new content. You will find information on how you can follow the work of our volunteers or how you can support them if you choose to do so:

    Aiden is a 3D designer who is going to be helping us to make recolors of existing models, help to update the textures of existing models, and eventually help to create new models for Dragon's Prophet and some of our other games. You can find her Patreon below where you can support her so that she can dedicate more time to helping out:

    Patreon: AdeptGamer_Aiden is creating game assets | Patreon

    This post will be updated as I get the information from our volunteers if they want to be included, or if we get more volunteers.
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