Time to say good-bye❤

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zxc123, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Jan 6, 2018
    Hey-there my name iS Greirat
    well i dont know where to start with but i'm not good at intro's so think of a good one and imagine it :e11:
    anyway lets get to the topic

    so yeah as the subject says its time to say Goodbye i mean don't get me wrong there is nothing bad about the server and its growing slowly and thats good but i dont have "A reasonable explanation" you can say
    it just felt its time to move on
    i don't say that i'm not having fun in fact i enjoyed every single second even millisecond even the boring and chilling times this game is more of a lifestyle to me
    So i would like to thank every single one and thanks for everything : )

    The good old days when i started the hard farming CL as a tank xD " used to suffer alot if you ask me "
    and the good times when we've done hos easy as 5 people and hos normal as 7 people

    Those hazy days, I do remember We were running still Had the whole world at our feet
    the 4-5months just passed like its hours ago :e10: times runs fast

    but really i would thank mainly and first of the first

    jorgev my man who just afk all the time xD who helped me in my very first times in the server and welcomed me in open arms i cant thank him enough

    and second of all the one who helped me alot althought it ended up badly and sad ends but i never and would never ever deny someone's help
    ironleaf i dont know if he still out there but i thank him so very much without his help i would'nt be 50% of who i am right now despite the problems we had
    and my duo friend Rogue
    and the rest of my friends who i enjoyed playing with

    • acrenon > special thanks to him
    • redji
    • Erza > special thanks to him
    • jasmin > special thanks to him
    • melisa > special thanks to her
    • suny
    • antroxy
    thank you guys for everything you gave me and helped me out i'm truly thankful and greatful for you all

    and ofc never forget the GM staff members for being able to bring back the good old runs of magic days the feelings the hard working the farming great job indeed !

    1. 1- danger
    2. 2- erzon
    3. 3- Rory

    and special thanks to


    best regards

    your friend\player

    in the end i don't want to make it wall of text
    i wish you all the very best in-game and in life
    small edit: this thread meant to thank who helps me out and who i enjoyed playing with
    I Do not plan to go into much details

    Also i'm kinda lost which section to put so if its not the right one just move it to the right section
    "Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination"
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  2. Shiby

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    Jan 11, 2018
    Sorry to see you leave m8
  3. xX5o5Xx

    xX5o5Xx New Member

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    May 14, 2018
    do u recommend the server for me(newcomer)?
  4. Seiichi

    Seiichi Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

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    Oct 20, 2016
    He mostly left because he burnt out on ROM all together; he's still around in the Discord occasionally until other games interest him.
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